Martin Lloyd Chitty

“[‘The Only Perfect Love Song’] highlights his ability to immediately draw you in to his world. It’s as if the characters from Eleanor Rigby have been taken out of their Beatles-shaped novella and dropped into a sprawling, but equally engaging, tome.”

Songwriting Magazine, September 2018

“Undoubtedly one of the best songwiters ever to perform at Spotlight […] A brilliant lyricist, singer and musician… this is a gig not to be missed!”

Lancaster Spotlight Club, December 2017

Martin Lloyd Chitty is a singer-songwriter, a multi-instrumentalist and a composer, based in London and Lancaster, UK. His distinctive strain of atmospheric folk blends lyrical storytelling with impeccably crafted melodies.

On stage, Martin wears his heart on his sleeve, delivering a raw and emotive performance, his spine tingling baritone alternately murmuring and soaring over sparse instrumental arrangements.

Martin has opened for acts such as The Wave Pictures, Great Lake Swimmers, King Creosote, A Hawk And A Hacksaw, Baby Dee, Scout Niblett, Thomas Truax and The Coral.

In November 2017, Martin contributed the track ‘Christmas in a Field’ to the festive Cherryade Records compilation ‘A Very Cherry Christmas – Volume 12’. In 2018, Martin composed the soundtrack to ‘True Grit’, the winner of the Audience Choice award at the 2018 LA1 Shorts film festival.

In August 2018, Martin released his album ‘Antiques’. You can buy it on Martin’s Bandcamp Page. It received a lovely review from, whilst the final track ‘The Only Perfect Love Song’ was featured by Songwriting Magazine.